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HRWebAdvisor’s mission is to provide you, the human resources professional, with the need-to-know information required to effectively improve the management and performance of your business’ most important resource—your employees.

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“HR is on the front lines, and HRWebAdvisor wants to be standing next to you as you develop solutions to today’s HR challenges.”

We offer you the opportunity to benefit firsthand from the experiences and knowledge of your peers as well as other industry leaders and advisors through our webinar programs. This approach enables you to anticipate challenges before they occur and to develop innovative HR management strategies that work effectively in today’s new and uncertain business environment.

Our direction is simple, from FMLA and FLSA all the way to HR metrics and ethics, we are dedicated to keeping you in stride with the best practices of your fellow HR executives across the country. Regardless of topic, our approach emphasizes providing management guidance and best practices, tracking legal and compliance requirements, and assisting you in elevating your own knowledge and leadership skills. The end result for our frequent visitors, we believe, will be superior HR management, improved employee performance, and lower risks.

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