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Madison Gonzalez

Madison Gonzalez is a national public speaker, Storyteller of the Year Award winner, best-selling author of Dear Mirror, and published poet. She is the Executive Director at Morning Light Inc. in Indianapolis. As a non-profit storytelling expert, it is her mission to empower others to share their stories for impact and income. She can be reached at mgonzalez@morninglightinc.org.

  • National public speaker
  • Storyteller of the Year award-winner
  • Best-selling author of Dear Mirror
  • Published poet
  • Executive Director of Morning Light Inc. in Indianapolis
Madison Gonzalez

Courses available by Madison Gonzalez

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  1. 7 Ways To Identify And Stop Staff Burnout
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    7 Ways To Identify And Stop Staff Burnout

    Nonprofit executive Madison Gonzalez will break down practical tips and reminders on what it takes to foster a positive environment for employees amongst the stress—not just during the busy season, but every day.

    Topics covered

    • How can you identify burnout before it’s too late?
    • How does burnout affect nonprofit funding and programs?
    • What are the best practices to create a people-first culture?
    • What proven steps can you take to improve employees’ mental health?
    • What specific resources can you provide?
    • How can you prevent stress before it happens?
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